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Monday, July 15, 2019
06:06 PM
Mexico Central Time
MARKETS AND DATA: US Dollar: $12.65 Euro: $16.78 Gold: US$1,327 Silver: US$20.39 Mex Crude: US$102.50 Cetes 28: 3.85%
Fixed Line Phones
Mexico has a deficient coverage of fixed line phones in comparison with other countries with similar economic development.
2009-11-27 09:08:24

Internet and cable TV services will be affected with a 3% special tax.
2009-10-20 12:57:37

UNAM Goes Virtually International
Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexican major public university, has renovated its Portal with a friendlier version to enforce its internationalization strategy.
2009-10-19 14:48:35

Calderon Plan to Raise Taxes
The Mexican Government intends to raise taxes as a response to the budget hole created by the world economic crisis.
2009-10-16 14:02:24

Stock Exchange in Recovery Mode
The Mexican Stock Exchange Index has hit a year record over passing the 31,000 points. The Stock has reported a gain of 46% since Black October. The index is close to the historic record of 32,836 points made at the end of 2007.
2009-10-15 23:41:57

Mexico 2010 Macroeconomic Forecast
The image shows the economic figures currently used by the Mexican Government in the discussion of the Mexico 2010 Budget Plan presented to the Congress.
2009-09-28 00:03:59

¡Viva Mexico!
Mexican $100 Pesos and $200 Pesos bills special edition.
2009-09-23 14:22:00

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