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The premier tourism trade show in Mexico

March 08, 2009. 21:08

The Acapulco Tourism Marketplace Tianguis Turístico de Acapulco is the premier trade show in Mexico for tourism professionals. This event is organized every year in the month of April by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR), the Mexican Tourism Board and the trade shows management firm Creatividad y Espectáculos.

Mexico has long been recognized as a popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Ancient cultures pyramids and archeological sites, Spanish colonial cities and beach destinations are well known worldwide. Mexico is ranked within the top ten countries in the world in terms of guests, and the most visited destination in Latin America with roughly four times as many visitors as Brazil. According to data from the Mexican Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR), the industry has accounted for close to 10% of the employment in the country, and represents the third biggest foreign income earner with over 13 billion Dollars in 2008; just behind remittances by expatriates and oil revenues. In 2007, the tourism industry accounted for 8.5% of Mexican GDP, with arrivals totaling 21.4 million people. Although the world economic down turn, the Mexican government has forecast an annual 1.5% growth in the next five years.

Recognizing the importance of the industry to the Mexican economy, in the last decades the government has taken an active role in tourism promotion. The aims have been to improve and diversify its destinations, and to attract visitors from Europe, Asia, Latin America, the USA and Canada. One of the most important expressions of that promotion is the Tianguis Turístico de Acapulco (Acapulco Tourism Marketplace), which has become the premier business marketplace event for travel professionals. This trade show provides the opportunity to meet with more than 500 tourism services suppliers during two and a half days of workshops, exhibitions and pre-scheduled appointments. The well structured marketplace format of the Tianguis Turístico de Acapulco facilitates the build-up of commercial relationships between buyers and sellers of touristic related products and services. This time the event will take place on April 26 to 29, at the International Acapulco Center in Acapulco city.

The registration cost for visitors is US$200 Dollars (Early Bird rate of US$150 before January 15, 2009); and the exhibitors cost for a business suite is US$4,300 Dollars (plus 15% VAT). The booth space is 6 x 3 meters, which include hard walls, booth sign, carpet, a double polarized outlet, 2 tables, 8 chairs and 2 wastebaskets.

Important dates to bear in mind:
December 4, 2008: Early bird registration begins for visitors
February 1, 2009: Online appointments requests begin
March 20, 2009: Deadline to be included in the Tianguis 2009 Directory
March 27, 2009: Deadline for appointments requests
April 23, 2009: Visitors registration begins and the access to exhibitors is open
April 26, 2009: Start of the trade show
April 27, 2009: Appointment sessions begin
April 29, 2009: End of the trade show

For additional information visit:
Tianguis Turistico

DoingBusinessInMexico Staff
Published: March 08, 2009. 21:08 | Last updated: March 11, 2009. 13:24
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