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Monday, July 15, 2019
06:08 PM
Mexico Central Time
MARKETS AND DATA: US Dollar: $12.65 Euro: $16.78 Gold: US$1,327 Silver: US$20.39 Mex Crude: US$102.50 Cetes 28: 3.85%

posted 2009-11-11
Upturn on financial data!
Peso strengthens to $13.23 Pesos per US Dollar; the Stock Exchange Index reached 31,098 units; and the International Reserves accumulated US$79,928 millions.

posted 2009-09-01
International Reserves going up
The Mexican Central Bank reported the accumulation of US$76,375 millions of international reserves at the end of August 2009; this figure represents a significant rise since last week and recovers the reserves to the levels experienced in last May. The reason: an import injection of funds from the IMF.


Reserves Reach Record

March 02, 2010. 22:16

The Mexican Central Bank reported a historic record on accumulation of US$94,470 millions of international reserves at the end of February; this figure has grown more than 6 billion dollars since the beginning of the year.

This upbeat position as a holder of international reserves has strengthened the Mexican Peso to a parity of $12.83 per US Dollars and $17.48 to the Euro.

DoingBusinessInMexico Staff
Published: March 02, 2010. 22:16 | Last updated: March 02, 2010. 22:16
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