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Monday, July 15, 2019
06:07 PM
Mexico Central Time
MARKETS AND DATA: US Dollar: $12.65 Euro: $16.78 Gold: US$1,327 Silver: US$20.39 Mex Crude: US$102.50 Cetes 28: 3.85%
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posted 2009-05-28
Crude Oil on record high
Mexican Crude Oil price beat barrier of the US$60 per barrel. For the first time since Black October the crude oil prices have returned to a continuous escalade. The price reported US$61.17 almost doubles the prices shown in December 2008.


Crude Oil prices are going up!

June 10, 2009. 11:06

Mexican Crude Oil reported the highest price in the year at US$64.44 per barrel. This figure is close to the government 2009 budget estimation of US$70.

DoingBusinessInMexico Staff
Published: June 10, 2009. 11:06 | Last updated: June 10, 2009. 11:06
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